What is Search Engine Optimization and Why would YOU want it?

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It’s been so much fun being able to blog and share things that I’ve learned to be able to potentially help somebody else out there who is looking for help. I thought it’d be nice to take a little step away from teaching and advertise here for a second.

Hey, at least I’m honest and upfront about it right? :)

I’m going to break this article down into 3 sections:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Why does YOUR business need SEO?
  3. How do you actually DO SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is the art of improving a website’s placement in the search engines.  Every company in every industry in every niche have different keywords that are used by their customers in the search engines.  A keyword, simply put is the text you put into the search engine (whether it’s 1 word or 10 words long) to find what you’re looking for.  If you’re not catering your website to target those popular keywords, you’re losing the opportunity for new potential customers.

Why does YOUR business need SEO?

SEO is still a very untapped & sometimes unheard of.  What this means for you is that there is still such a great opportunity to get started and far ahead of your competitors before they jump on the bandwagon because “everybody else is doing it.”  Large companies can take advantage of their authority in the industry to implement SEO and dominate the search engines.  Small businesses, on the other hand unfortunately have SEO as quite possibly their only chance at competing with the bigger companies.  I believe your business needs SEO simply because a website with SEO implemented will yield much higher placement in the search engines over a website with no SEO…it’s been proven.  :)

Each keyword has a search volume associated with it, which is the number of times that particular keyword was used in the every month in the search engines.  Those numbers are drastically increasing every year because more and more people are going to the search engines to browse, compare, & buy.  Here is a video I think every business owner should watch.  It’s a very interesting video that shows the progress of the internet age.

I don’t believe the internet is ever going to go out of style.  It’s only getting better and better as time goes on.  All the more reason to make sure your website is setup properly to capture those top placements in Google.  Let me talk about importance of placement real quick.  There was a study done at Cornell University and shows the % of Clicks and % of Time Spent on each of the top 10 results for a search in Google.

See how important having that #1 ranking in Google can be?  If you’re not optimizing your website for a highly-searched keyword, your competitors eventually will.

How do you actually DO SEO?

I wish this part could be easy, but I can assure you it is not.  After being laid off 5 times in the course of 6 months as a mechanical engineer, SEO was something that fell in my lap and saved me from starving.  True story…

Determined to learn SEO, I literally spent the next 6 weeks making it my full-time job to read articles, watch videos, and engage with as many people in the online community as I possibly could to understand how this thing worked.  After those 6 weeks of full-time studying, I still had absolutely no idea how to digest all of the information I took in and ultimately implement the ideas into a website.  To become good at SEO, it takes a lot of trial and error.  Let me repeat that.

To do good SEO, it takes A LOT of trial and error.

Once you understand the SEO fundamentals, I would suggest that you focus on getting a good grasp on how the search engines work.  Some will say this isn’t important as long as you practice good SEO fundamentals.  Sure.  That’s the kind of thing that separates good SEO from great SEO that actually works.  Keeping up to date with the workings of the search engines is crucial for you to do your job well.

What I love most about SEO is that every client website I work on is completely different.  The analytical approaches share some commonalities, but every website is a different art.

One of the biggest challenges of being an expert in the field is to also keep up to date with current SEO best practices.  SEO has one of it not the most inconsistent methodology in any occupational industry that I can think of.

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