URL and Domain Importance

January 19, 2010  |   Internal Architecture   |   0 Comment

This is one topic that gets overlooked by the majority of website owners. Lucky for you, I won’t let you pass through without sharing this important topic.

If you thought having your keywords in the title tag & meta description helped your rankings, the URL/domain is also another very powerful factor in SEO.

Let’s look at this example below.

URL-Domain for SEO

So the keyword we searched for was “family guy”. Let’s go down the proverbial checklist:

  1. Title tag has the keyword in it.
  2. Meta description has the keyword in it.

Notice that the URL under the meta description seems to have the keyword in it too.  Just like the title tags & meta descriptions, Google also automatically puts a bold font on the keyword even in the URL

So if the URL to your About page looked like this:


You may want to change it to:


So how exactly do you change URL’s?  I will be starting a 4 part series on “Directing the Crawlers” tomorrow so this question will be addressed in that series.

Stay tuned!

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