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Ranking Channel is Shifting Gears in a New Direction

April 25, 2011  |   Entrepreneurship,Maximus,Random   |   0 Comment

Howdy everyone! It's been quite a while since I last posted and I couldn't feel any worse about that!   Since the last time you visited, quite a few things have changed. New Website Look n' Feel Well first of all, have you noticed that the website looks a tad bit different?  I don't claim to be a designer by any means, but I can't help but be proud of the way the site turned out as the overall design was a Maximus Kang original.  Check out the old gray and dull theme against the new white and much cleaner look. Well, I have to give credit to my fiance for her feedback and her brother for his hands-on work.  This is actually a great transition into the next section. New Ranking Channel Logo My future brother in law, KJ Chun redesigned my logo for me.   He currently works for Methodologie, a marketing strategy firm that specializes in the creation of amazing brand designs.  Check out the difference between the ...

In Honor of the 2010 Winter Games in Canada

February 26, 2010  |   Random   |   0 Comment

I haven't been watching the winter games as much as I'd like to, but I was going through organizing my files and came across this picture from 2 years ago from Whistler and I thought now would be a better time than ever to share with you guys! Disclaimer: This is why I can never be an Bob-sledding Olympian! Enjoy!

First Trip to London

January 24, 2010  |   Random   |   0 Comment

Thought I'd take a break from blogging about SEO and sharing a little about my trip to London for our global SEO team meeting for Expedia. I'm in LONDON!!! This is my first time in London actually. Besides the flight to the states when I was a little kid from Korea, this would be my longest flight ever. Ok sure....a 9 hour flight isn't that bad, but you're talking to the guy who can barely handle driving to Canada from Seattle! I'm a weakling when it comes to extended travel. Anyways, the 9 hour flight time wasn't the worst part believe it or not. I'm going to give you a play-by-play recap of my journey from Seattle to London. Flight got delayed - ehh...pretty typical I guess. Un-returned NetFlix dvd's discovered in my bag - I signed up for a free trial & canceled a week ago.  I still had to return three dvd's by the 25th and as I reached in my bag to pull out my laptop to get some work done, i felt 3 individual envelope sleeves that made my heart stop.  I had to haul my butt to the terminal and ask if they could mail the ...