Ranking Channel is Shifting Gears in a New Direction

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Howdy everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted and I couldn’t feel any worse about that!   Since the last time you visited, quite a few things have changed.

New Website Look n’ Feel
Well first of all, have you noticed that the website looks a tad bit different?  I don’t claim to be a designer by any means, but I can’t help but be proud of the way the site turned out as the overall design was a Maximus Kang original.  Check out the old gray and dull theme against the new white and much cleaner look.

Ranking Channel - Homepage Old & New Layouts

Well, I have to give credit to my fiance for her feedback and her brother for his hands-on work.  This is actually a great transition into the next section.

New Ranking Channel Logo
My future brother in law, KJ Chun redesigned my logo for me.   He currently works for Methodologie, a marketing strategy firm that specializes in the creation of amazing brand designs.  Check out the difference between the old design and his design.

Ranking Channel - Old & New Logos

I personally think it’s a HUGE improvement from the maroon colors and the tv logo to the more cutting edge red colors!

More Branding with My Cartoon
Ever since I was making a profit off of my peers by reselling pencils, my childhood goal has been to become a cartoon character.  Now that I was able to get a cartoon created for myself, I decided to brand my website with  my character.  Hey, it’s my company so I can do whatever I want right?  :)

Shift from DIY (Do it Yourself) SEO to Consulting Agency
We had lots of fun helping many small businesses around the country learn SEO and drive more traffic to their websites with their own efforts.  Thank you to each and every one of our customers who made Ranking Channel’s service a success!  We’ll continue to serve our existing customers, but we’ve shifted our business model to be more of a SEO consulting agency for small to enterprise-level businesses with 3 new levels of service:

  1. the Mayor – local businesses targeting one major city
  2. the Governor – mid-sized businesses targeting a larger region or state
  3. the President – enterprise corporations targeting national visitors

As great as the teaching model has been for us to really nail down the fundamentals, SEO strategy is what we’re all passionate about here at Ranking Channel.

So enjoy the new site, look for more blog posts to come out, and feel free to share your feedback about our new look.

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