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February 11, 2010  |   Link Building   |   3 Comments

If you’ve been in the SEO & social media-sphere for at least a few months, you’re probably familiar with the term “link bait.”  People seem to have a hard time with this topic here mainly because you really have to think outside the box.

So what IS link bait?

Kulula Link Bait Technique

An airline company decided to paint a few of their planes lime green and label everything on the outside shell of the plane to inform “edumacate” their travelers.  This is GREAT link bait!

Plane Link Bait

This is where you should NOT go to learn how to fly (for obvious reasons).  This is GOOD link bait!

Link Bait Bird Sign

This is a ridiculous image of a bird breaking the laws of perching.  This is DECENT link bait!

So if I had to summarize link bait, I would define it as any type of content that will get other people to WANT to link to that content.  This is good for your website because it brings in a TON of backlinks to your site.  For those of you who may not see the importance of this, bear with me now.  Backlinks are one of the crucial elements of getting your site ranked high in the search engines.

The majority of business owners fail to do.  The good thing is, now you know!  And knowing is half the battle.  G.I. Jo…(oh wait, I don’t want to finish it…might get sued by Hasbro)

If you need some more examples of what good link bait looks like, head on over to and just look at some of the posts on the homepage.  Digg is a great place to submit your content, images, video, or whatever you think would be link bait-able.  Just a word of caution, a majority of submissions to Digg do not get published so just keep your head up and drive on if nothing happens.

Have fun with it!

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