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February 01, 2010  |   Entrepreneurship,Social Media   |   0 Comment

If I’ve learned one thing about people recently, it’s that they really do care.  Or maybe this is a way to cash in for some companies who have the money to spend on someone else’s misfortune.

I just wanted to go on the record and state that in no way am I accusing any company of not being 100% genuine with their provisions, but it is hard to think a business would do that with no expectations of any press coverage at all.

I came across something I thought was really awesome from the good folks at Google though.  It’s already helped with the coordination of relief efforts in Haiti.

It’s called the People Finder Tool.

This tool can easily be embedded on ANY website and allows users to either post or search for information about the Haiti earthquake victims.  With a company like Google (who really doesn’t need any more press coverage), they’ve already donated one million dollars on top of the support they are giving to Haiti.   Way to go Google!

Let’s take a quick look at how this benefits Google from an SEO perspective.

  1. When bloggers, editors, publicists, etc hear about what Google did for Haiti, you can be sure that they’ll write about it & link to Google because they are looking for juicy topics to write about.
  2. With all of these well-established writers publishing content, their followers end up sharing that content all around the social media-sphere.
  3. Embedding the tool on your site will be accomplished via an iFrame, which counts as an inbound link to the Google tool site.

So whether a company’s intentions are to genuinely help out, gain some press coverage, or to promote your brand awareness with the Haiti disaster, it’s very encouraging to see so many companies and people pull together to help out.

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