First Trip to London

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Thought I’d take a break from blogging about SEO and sharing a little about my trip to London for our global SEO team meeting for Expedia.

I’m in LONDON!!!

This is my first time in London actually. Besides the flight to the states when I was a little kid from Korea, this would be my longest flight ever. Ok sure….a 9 hour flight isn’t that bad, but you’re talking to the guy who can barely handle driving to Canada from Seattle! I’m a weakling when it comes to extended travel.

Anyways, the 9 hour flight time wasn’t the worst part believe it or not. I’m going to give you a play-by-play recap of my journey from Seattle to London.

  1. Flight got delayed – ehh…pretty typical I guess.
  2. Un-returned NetFlix dvd’s discovered in my bag – I signed up for a free trial & canceled a week ago.  I still had to return three dvd’s by the 25th and as I reached in my bag to pull out my laptop to get some work done, i felt 3 individual envelope sleeves that made my heart stop.  I had to haul my butt to the terminal and ask if they could mail the envelopes for me.  They agreed so kudos to British Airways for excellent customer service…unless Netflix never receives my returns and in that case…I might have to take back my compliment and replace it with something else.
  3. Guy that sat in the aisle seat next to me was in a sour mood – I asked him to get up so I could go to the bathroom ONCE and he gave me a violent *sigh*…must’ve been having a bad day
  4. I got indigestion from the meal they served on the plane – I wasn’t able to go to sleep the entire 9 hour plane ride!!!
  5. A baby was screaming the ENTIRE trip – even through my “noise-canceling” headphones, I could still hear the little dude.  That product won’t be getting my best review I can tell you that.
  6. There was this lady in front of me who was trying to do yoga during the flight – yea that’s right!  She would stand up…turn around and face me and do toe raises and stick her feet up in the air and rotate her ankles.  Did I mention…she did this about 10 times for the duration of the flight!  First of all, she didn’t have to turn around and stare at me while doing it.  Second, what prevented her from being able to rotate her ankle on the ground instead of throwing it up in the air to make me further my disgust with feet?!  I just hope I don’t sit behind her on the way home!  😉
  7. Taxi woes (part 1) – I got a cab and I said “Radison Edwardian hotel near the Seven Dials” and of course I have no idea what the Seven Dials are at this point, but that’s what I was told to tell the cab driver.  I get to a Radisson hotel, pay the cab driver £77, go inside to check-in and find out I’m at the WRONG Radisson!  So the nice young lady behind the counter calls each of the Radisson hotels in the area to find where my reservation is and after we found the location for the right hotel, I had to take another cab.  This is a great segway into my 8th point.
  8. Taxi woes (part 2) – I got into the 2nd taxi and his accent was so thick I could BARELY understand what he was saying!  When we got to the right hotel, he turns around and tells me that he doesn’t accept credit card!  Luckily my co-worker who was waiting in the lobby had some cash.
  9. Lost in London (part 1) – I decided to go for a 20 minute run or so in the city.  The run started off well.  Got to see some cool bujildings, some awesome cars, and of course Trafalgar Square, which I accidentally found!  After about an hour of running, I finally found the hotel thankfully!
  10. Lost in London (part 2) – I thought it’d be nice to grab some air and see the night life in London after I showered.  Low & behold, I got lost again!!  This time, it took me a whole 2 hours to eventually find the hotel.  I decided to treat myself with not only a steak dinner, but also a side of steak sandwich!

So here I am now going on 31 hours of no sleep.  Let’s hope the rest of this trip fans out to be more enjoyable!

Anybody have any suggestions for me while I’m in London??

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