Content Barriers: Understanding and Directing the Crawlers Part 4

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Welcome to part 4 of the Understanding & Directing the Crawlers series. We’re going to discuss content barriers, which are entities on a website that restrict the spiders from properly crawling that specific content.  Although there are a ton of content barriers, here are the most common ones to give you a better idea:

  • Forms: Crawlers cannot interact with forms. 
  • Flash/AJAX: Crawlers cannot read any content that shows up in flash presentations.   
  • JavaScript: Crawlers won’t run code snippets.  FYI, javascript is a computer programming language that connects to a server from an internet browser to download pages.
  • Images: Crawlers generally can’t “read” a picture.  Most websites have banners at the top with the name of their company.  Just because you have a banner that says your website in big bold letters doesn’t mean that the crawlers see your company name.

So let’s take a look at how to correct these problems or find alternatives to find SEO benefit:

  • Forms: If desirable content lives behind it, provide another way for the crawler to navigate there.
  • Flash/AJAX: Other web application frameworks can be utilized here such as .aspx, .asp, .php, .cfm, etc.
  • JavaScript: Make sure your links don’t require code to work.
  • Images: Graphical menus should have text alt tags or CSS versions of links. Also avoid writing actual content into images

Hope this helps!  Stay tuned for more SEO tips!

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