April Fools Link Bait Opportunities

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Oh the good ol’ days where the whoopy cushion was considered one of the greatest April Fool’s day jokes to be pulled. My have we come a long way. The best ones make you think twice as to if it is actually true. I remember back in 2008 when every single video on Youtube redirected to the famous RickRoll.

If you haven’t been RickRolled, click here now!

Can you imagine EVERY video being that?!?  It’s funny maybe the first and half of the 2nd time, but wow I would get so annoyed.  So based on the title of this blog post, maybe you’re asking “how the hell is Rick Astley going to provide an opportunity for my business???”

Although Rick Astley’s video unfortunately still appeals to today’s audience, that’s not what I’m talking about.  Last year, the SEO team at Expedia did a Flights to Mars campaign for April Fool’s.  At $99, who wouldn’t want to sign up for a flight to Mars??  As ridiculous as it sounds, we generated a ton of inbound links, which we know is one of the 3 pillars of SEO.

  • If you have a lawncare business, then advertise “for a limited time, adopt an Alien and send them a personal message with a complimentary crop circle service”.
  • If you run a toilet paper company, you could have your employees take a day away from the office, wrap themselves with toilet paper and stroll through the city as mummies while documenting it.
  • If you have a strong brand that many people know about such as Apple, you could rebrand your website for the day and call yourself “pear” or “orange”.

There are unlimited link bait ideas…you just have to sit down and think of one.  At this point, you have just enough time to get something in motion.  It will be hard work, but if done correctly…this may indeed be the nudge in the right direction you’ve been hoping for!


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