About Us

I must start off by sharing with you my fondest childhood memory, which was launching my first profitable business as a 1st grader.

Every morning, my mom would give me $1.10 to buy lunch that day at school. For some reason, I was so fascinated with money as a kid and just stored it despite my growling tummy when the clock struck 12. Some days, the pain would be so intense that I had to purchase a Swiss Roll for $0.25, but you gotta do what you gotta do right? About half-way into the year, I had a nice little pot of cash. In fact, it was the most money I had ever seen in my life…granted it was probably a little over $30. Now to the business portion of the story. I invested my life savings into pencils. This is what I’m talking about.

Pencil Dispenser

Pencil Dispenser

With each pencil costing me $0.25, I had well over 100 pencils in my possession after a few weeks of collecting pencils from those dispensers. To market the pencils, I would pretend like I was playing drums, I would hold them on my ear, I would pretend like I was shooting lasers out of them, basically anything I could to make other kids want one. And it worked! I started to sell pencils left and right with one caveat. Each pencil I sold was for $0.50. So long story short, I doubled my investment with my first business as a 1st grader.

Max being goofy

I come from a mechanical engineering background. Well, at least that’s what I got my degree in at the University of Washington. The why and how of things has always intrigued me and is probably how I was able to earn a living as a physics & engineering tutor through college. In fact, this same instinct got me into thinking how the business side of engineering works.  In fact, it led me to sit in a few business classes in my free time.

Before I knew it, I found myself involved in a network marketing scam or also known as “multi-level marketing” or “MLM”. One unique thing that I did was actually make a good chunk of money. I did it by utilizing the internet to gain leads from the search engines and various social networking sites. I decided to quit doing the network marketing thing when I realized there were better ways to provide value to this world. While most college students were partying on Friday nights, I was at Starbucks working on new projects. Yup, I became bored of engineering before I even finished my degree.

I never thought that this internet stuff would be considered a “job” and after a year, I realized that engineering was not the right field for me. I left the engineering field in pursuit of something else. I was still making some money with my internet websites, so one day I performed a Google search for “marketing a website on the internet” or something to that extent. Sure enough, SEO came up and after reading about it, I realized I had been subconsciously doing it for the past several years. I studied the fundamentals meticulously and went back and applied them to my existing sites. Sure enough, I saw some increases in traffic and sales.

My best break dance move

I was referred clients and then Expedia offered me a full-time job doing SEO. I worked at the enterprise-level doing SEO while taking small to medium sized businesses on the side for about a year until I resigned to not look back and regret having not taken a chance to start a successful company at the age of 26.

Ranking Channel was born to provide professional, results-driven SEO services for companies wanting to expand their marketing efforts online. We’ll do what we do best to fix your website content, site architecture and industry relevancy so that you can do what you do best.

I absolutely love what I do, but my long term goal is to speak into the lives of folks around the world who think it’s either too early or too late to become an entrepreneur. Find me on Google, connect with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.